didn’t my Lord deliver Daniel? (preaching to the choir)

Pilgrim in Progress

DSC_0025 the choir at WFPC

This is one of those blog posts that is a response to a question. And, like most such posts, I’m probably giving a bigger answer than the question begs. But I’m an over-thinker; always have been; that’s just what writers do.

The question came out of a hymn. Or, more properly, a spiritual. Here’s the text (I’ll paste in the whole song at the end of this post):

Didn’t my Lord deliver Daniel?
Deliver Daniel, deliver Daniel?
Didn’t my Lord deliver Daniel?
But why not every man?

The question concerns the phrase “But/and why not every man?”

IMG_0455Obviously, this song emerged from the context of oppression and slavery; not just one individual’s experience, but a systematic oppression that was the living reality of an entire people. The idea that their God – the same God who kept Daniel safe in a den of lions, protected three men thrown into…

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